Solving basic Wi-Fi issues using AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester for Windows®

Are your end users suffering from too many poor Wi-Fi coverage issues?Are end users complaining about poor video quality over the Wi-Fi network?Do frontline technicians keep making ‘repeat visits’ to solve the same Wi-Fi issues over and over again?

Here’s AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester for Windows® to your rescue.AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester for Windows® allows frontline technicians to troubleshoot most common Wi-Fi issues such as:

  • Connectivity issues due to poor coverage or performance
  • Frequent disconnections from the Wi-Fi Network Poor application performance (e.g.: poor audio and video quality)
  • 安全性差

Capabilities of AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester for Windows  include:

  • A simple to use, intuitive interface that reduces learning curve for technicians
  • 可视化平面图能够显示覆盖的重叠区域和网络性能,藉此技术人员可以识别并避免出现可能发生问题的区域。
  • 对全 Wi-Fi 环境的完整视图,包括网络、接入点、客户端、智能设备和信道
  • 对诸如 DNS、Ping、FTP 下载、流式传输视频和音频的常见应用实现一键式通过/失败评估

Want to see it in action?NETSCOUT created some nice video’s for you to watch:/content/aircheck-wi-fi-tester-windows-videos
For more product information, go to:/products/aircheck-wi-fi-tester-windows


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