If You Like Wireshark, Then You'll Love ClearSight™ Analyzer

This fully functional FREE 30 day trial of ClearSight Analyzer software allows you to record, identify, and analyze current and past network traffic - view activity as it happens or go back-in-time for root cause analysis of network and application problems.您不需要成为数据包解码专家也可以解决应用问题。

ClearSight Analzyer Software Features

  • 以应用程序为中心的摘要视图显示了常用应用程序的健康状况
  • Intuitive drill down to flow-based analysis or packet decodes
  • 视频和音频的重构和回放
  • 具有强大的多段分析,可调试多层应用程序或查明延迟问题
  • Protocol analysis engine for TruView™ and OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet

How To Download

ClearSight Analyzer FREE software trial can be installed on your Windows® laptop or PC for use independent of TruView or OptiView XG (it utilizes your PC’s network interface for monitoring and packet capture).Download ClearSight Analyzer for yourself now and see how easy it is to see and solve complex problems!

Complete the Form to the Right to Download Software:
Upon form submission and download, you will be able to use the software trial for 30 days.

了解更多信息:TruView™ and OptiView XG provide the ability to conduct full line-rate capture at up to 10 Gbps.TruView provides terabytes of storage for back-in-time analysis of past performance problems.

This offer is valid 2017 年 1 月 1 日 - 2017 年 12 月 31 日.此次促销随时可能有改变。所有提交的内容都需要进行验证和审核。免费产品的所有税收/杂费均由收件人承担。This offer is not available to NETSCOUT's distributors, NETSCOUT's sales staff, or NETSCOUT's service centers.


请致电 844-833-3713(美国/加拿大)或 978-320-2150(其他地区)。 



ClearSight Analyzer
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