AME212:Enterprise 专家培训

This two-day hands-on course is designed for WLAN professionals who are deploying AirMagnet Enterprise, the industry's leading independent 24x7 WLAN security and monitoring system. Attendees of the course will receive experience with the following elements of AirMagnet Enterprise:

  • AirMagnet Enterprise Install and Configuration
  • Using the Console
  • WLAN Security Policies
  • WLAN Performance and Interference
  • Advanced Functionality

The course is delivered through a combination of lecture-based instruction and hands-on exercises designed to reinforce the student's knowledge of key wireless administration skills, security and performance management policies and the benefits of 24x7 monitoring via AirMagnet Enterprise.

Before taking this course participants should have a general understanding of LAN technologies and topologies, the OSI Reference Model, and function of network devices (Hubs, Switches, Routers, VLANs, Collision Domains, Broadcast Domains, etc).

A CWNA certification is recommended but not required.

Course Outline:

Day One

  • Fundamentals of WLAN RF
  • Introduction to AP Antenna
  • Built to requirements: WLAN Design
  • Understanding interference & Spectrum Analysis
  • Introduction to 802.11N

Day Two

  • Overview of WLAN Security Threat Trends
  • Enterprise Installation
  • Introduction to Perimeter Defense and Performance Monitoring
  • Navigating the Console Interface
  • Understanding and Remediating Rogue Devices

Day Three

  • Configuring AME
  • Configuring WIPS Policies
  • Configuring Performance Policies
  • Advanced Features
  • Using the Integrated report Generator

Course Equipment:
Please bring a laptop. You MUST have systems administrator privileges!Cou 

S$856.00 inclusive of GST (per person per day)

Payment information will be collected by a NETSCOUT’ representative via e-mail or phone a few days after completing the online registration. Note that payment is due one week before the class commence.     

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