How to ensure Wi-Fi networks are ready for Cisco Location Services

Image this situation: Your IT department selects a new service to keep your organization better organized, more secure, and better equipped for emergencies. Your department invests ample time into deploying the new service, diligently working to meet specific requirements, and triple checking work completed. And then, to your surprise the service doesn't act quite as it should.

Unfortunately for some Cisco Location Services (CLS) customers, this can be a reality because of a lack of using real-world data when designing the network.

Cisco Location Services helps IT track Wi-Fi devices on a wireless network, making key personnel more accessible and the network more secure. For CLS to perform at its best, the wireless network must adhere to strict guidelines around Access Point (AP) placement, AP separation distance, signal level thresholds and more. However, today’s deployment-planning tools don't provide real-world data to make sure the network at hand is prepped and ready for successful CLS use. This means that even with a diligent deployment, IT can miss the mark and CLS can’t provide accurate location-based data.

As of today, that's changed. NETSCOUT just announced AirMagnet Survey PRO with pre-configured profiles that use real-world wireless data to help wireless engineers instantly determine with the highest level of accuracy ever whether or not a network meets Cisco's best practices for deploying CLS - an industry first. The accurate new profiles speed the deployment process, giving wireless engineers instant pass/fail results and details on how to meet requirements if the network is lacking. With just one click, IT can improve wireless rollouts, and eliminate the need for costly, time-sucking post-deployment redesigns.

Here’s a screenshot of what using the new AirMagnet Survey PRO profiles for Cisco Location Services is like:

For more information on AirMagnet Survey PRO and the new Cisco Location Services profiles, please click here.


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