Tired of the War Room? Get the Right View into Performance Problems
by Chris Greer

When a problem impacts a critical business application and escalation fails to resolve it, a War Room situation quickly comes together. In these meetings people from several different departments within IT come together to join forces and correct the problem as quickly as possible. Ideally, all areas of responsibility will have the visibility and analysis capability they need to isolate and resolve the issue, without baseless finger pointing to other areas.

This is rarely the case.

One reason we dread the War Room is because finding the true root cause in multi-department, high pressure situations isn’t easy. Emotions can quickly get in the way as pressure rises and engineers do their best to exonerate their area of responsibility. Often, War Room situations lead to employee frustration, finger pointing between roles, and application issues lingering for far too long.

With the complexity in most network systems today, application issues are increasingly difficult to isolate and resolve. Tools are required that provide both centralized performance monitoring and automated network analysis, bridging the gap between network and server engineers. If the right visibility is in place, War Room situations can be kept to a minimum because issues can be found and resolved before being escalated to a critical point.

What tool provides this level of visibility?

The NETSCOUT TruView and OptiView XG products provide end-to-end visibility across the network and application infrastructure, leaving problems nowhere to hide. The TruView is a Unified Network and Application Performance appliance that leverages packet collection and analysis, flow data, and SNMP to provide a complete picture of the user experience. Within a few clicks, complex application problems can be isolated to a single tier, application call, or database query, complete with a packet capture to prove it. Lingering intermittent issues can be rooted out because TruView stores data for weeks, months, even years in some cases, allowing for back in time analysis.

The OptiView XG focuses on the health and operation of network infrastructure devices, including a full set of tools for the wireless environment. It provides automated network discovery, problem reporting, and high-speed packet capture in a portable device.

With the visibility provided by these tools, engineers will have the visibility they need to work together at solving complex performance problems. Issues can be isolated and resolved before they escalate to the point where a War Room situation is necessary.

So what is the key to staying out of the War Room? The end to end visibility of all components of the network and application, with automated problem discovery and actionable data for all levels of IT, provided by the TruView and OptiView XG.

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