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OneTouch AT troubleshoots Wi-Fi network problems from a client device to cloud-hosted applications and everything in between - even when you are not there.OneTouch also troubleshoots persistent network problems and validate network performance on-site in real-time.

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Wi-Fi Troubleshooting At A Glance:

  • All-in-one network tester: combined copper, fiber optic and Wi-Fi network troubleshooting resolves a broad range of problems with one testing tool
  • Versatile: dual 10/100/1G copper/fiber Ethernet test ports and an 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi radio for use in multiple environments
  • Discover: automated wired and Wi-Fi discovery and analysis provides visibility into connected devices, key device properties, device interconnections and problems
  • Performance: end-to-end L2/L3 wired and Wi-Fi path performance measurement to a peer or a reflector to validate and document link readiness and SLA compliance
  • Capture: wired, Wi-Fi, VoIP and AutoTest packet capture streamlines collaboration and escalation of the most complex issues

Wi-Fi Connectivity Testing:

通过测试链路协商,确定最近的交换机,以及监测主要交换机端口统计数据来了解客户端如何与有线基础设施连接。通过测试客户端与最近的接入点之间的链路、识别 AP 名称、通道和安全性,遵循身份认证和关联过程,并监测主要 AP 和网络统计数据(包括 AP 的漫游详情),了解客户端如何与 Wi-Fi 基础设施连接。

Additional OneTouch™ AT Features Include:

  • 自动故障诊断
  • 从客户角度查看网络性能
  • 网络应用测试
  • 本地、内联网和互联网性能
  • 云分析
  • 远程控制和文件访问
  • 有线网络发现和分析
  • 端对端路径性能评估
  • VoIP 分析
  • Full List of OneTouch AT's Feature

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