AirMagnet Academy Certification Program Training Courses

AirMagnet Academy 项目为现场工程师提供利用和优化 AirMagnet WLAN 移动工具所需的技能。The trainings consist of web-based (WBT), On-the-Job (OJT), On-Site, Remote-Access and In-Class courses that teach the best practices and methodologies for surveying, designing and analyzing wireless LANs using the industry's highest demanded tools.

Customized Training Programs
Choose the Customized Training Program when you need to learn in-depth about the LinkRunner AT 2000, the OneTouch AT, the AirCheck G2 or any of the AirMagnet products.Depending on the program, the training can be scheduled remotely or on-site to maximize hands-on product experience.
Handheld Network Tools Training
These instructor-led courses help make the complex simple with training on the operation of the LinkRunner AT, AirCheck G2 and the OneTouch AT products.
OptiView XG Training
This virtual, two-day, instructor-led course focuses on the operation of the new OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet.In addition to learning how to use and install this network tool, you will develop the skills needed to troubleshoot many of the common problems encountered daily in your network.Through online exercises, students will learn how to approach network monitoring, troubleshooting and documentation to identify problems on their networks and achieve real performance improvements.
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