Unique Insights to Optimize Patient Experience in Healthcare

Holistically, Intelligently Monitor and Optimize Healthcare Systems while ensuring an enhanced patient experience through service performance assurance

Leading healthcare organizations do 4 things well when it comes to managing and keeping their complex IT services operating efficiently. When they do, the patient experience can be optimized.


Thought Leader Paper With University of Virginia Health Systems:

Learn from Leigh Williams, Administrator, Business Systems & Technology


Strategies for Managing Application Performance:

Now watch an important webinar where you’ll learn the following directly from one of your peers at the University of Virginia Health Systems:

  • The importance of generating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (e.g. analysis of traffic utilization, application and database servers and network errors) to manage a Healthcare IT environment
  • Why the support of both wired and wireless infrastructures in healthcare organizations is key in managing application performance
  • How wire data intelligence can provide important levels of visibility
  • How to reduce the stress and strain shadow IT puts on network performance

Thought Leader Paper With Tucson Medical Center:

Learn from Susan Snedaker, MBA, CISM, CPHIMS, CHCIO; Director of Infrastructure and Operations


Ensuring Application Reliability in a Healthcare Setting:

Now watch an important webinar where you’ll learn the following directly from one of your peers at the Tucson Medical Center:

  • Challenges and impacts of performance issues involving EMR, Radiology imaging, HL7, other healthcare applications and their interdependencies
  • A more proactive and impactful approach to achieving rapid triage and faster MTTR of patient care impacting services
  • How IP convergence traffic intelligence are providing healthcare IT organizations with greater effectiveness getting to root-cause in complex, multi-vendor wired and wireless environments
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