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Everything you need to know about 802.11ac can be found in our ‘courses’ below. From the details of the specification, to what it means in the real world, to how to deploy it, we have you covered.
 802.11ac 大学 

Learn about 802.11ac and what it means to deploy it with our courses:
 视频:部署 802.11ac 
部署 802.11ac
802.11ac Part 1
Learn the A to Z of 802.11ac technology, from the fundamentals, to best practices, to migration for new and existing deployments.
802.11ac Part 2
Learn how AirMagnet Survey can address challenges surrounding 802.11ac deployment.
Ensuring success with 802.11ac
An overview of what to keep in mind when changing technologies, and best practice steps to ensure a successful wireless rollout to 802.11ac.
802.11ac 勘测的最佳做法
要部署 802.11ac 需要首先进一步了解其基础技术。The challenges that come with a migration to 802.11ac can be successfully met only when a solid plan is in place for deploying this breakthrough technology.


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