Download Power over Ethernet (PoE) Reference Flyer


以太网供电 (PoE) 用于在无法使用独立电源时通过数据线为 IP 设备供电 (48 V DC)。因为只需要安装一条线即可同时供应数据和电源,所以 PoE 简化并减少了安装成本。但是,记住 IEEE 标准 PoE Pin/数据分配的详细情况会很困难。This 1 page reference poster that you can print at your own office will serve as a quick guide for powered devices including the IEEE 802.3bt specification also referred to as PoE++ or 4PPoE (4 pair PoE).

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PoE 测试仪的虚拟演示
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