The word “Network” includes “work” for a reason

Whether they are your company’s customers or fellow employees, end users shouldn’t have to waste their time and get frustrated by slow application performance or unreliable network problems. They expect all business-critical applications and the networks they run on to “just work,” and when problems arise, they don’t really care where the issue is. They just want IT to fix it – and fast.

Slow-performing networks and applications aren’t just an inconvenience, either. They take a mighty toll in lost productivity, increased operational cost and lower overall revenue.

Here at NETSCOUT, we understand the business impact of this problem and took on the challenge of creating a best-in-class solution. Earlier this year, we launched our Application-Aware Network Performance Management (Network and Application Performance Monitoring) solution, which integrates TruView™ and OptiView® XG.

Our goal? To help network engineers and operations professionals shift to a better way of solving performance problems across the entire network infrastructure: away from finger pointing and toward cross-team collaboration.

We seem to be on to something. Our Network and Application Performance Monitoring solution has now won two 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year awards from TMC, a global integrated media company

One award went to TruView, our unified Network and Application Performance Monitoring solution that incorporates five network and application monitoring tools in one.

The other went to OptiView XG, a portable network analysis tablet that automates root-cause analysis of wired and wireless network and application problems

By integrating the two together, NETSCOUT has created the industry’s first Network and Application Performance Monitoring solution capable of analyzing an enterprise’s entire network infrastructure, including wired and wireless, application performance and device interconnectivity, and in-depth path analysis all the way to an end user’s specific device.

We always appreciate industry accolades, and something we love even more is the enthusiastic respond from our customers:

"NETSCOUT merged three different tools into a single solution set, saving more than $90,000 in system costs and allowing us to combine network monitoring with our application and database monitoring. Consolidating equipment and maintenance saves us time and money without sacrificing functionality.”

- Miami Dade Public Library
"TruView tracks the networks and devices for all auction activities. It doesn’t make any difference what the issue is or where it originates, giving us immediate access across our entire infrastructure. 节省的反应时间是大量的。”
- FloraHolland

Network and Application Performance Monitoring offers IT teams the visibility and insight needed to keep their networks and applications running smoothly—a business imperative. For more information, visit our Network and Application Performance Monitoring resource page.

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