AEP 职业发展催化剂

每年,NETSCOUT 都会在全国各地的工程与计算机科学活动中挑选不超过 10 名高潜质的 STEM 学生参加暑期实习或者加入 AEP 成为正式员工。

在成为我们开发人员社区的高素质成员过程中,AEP 的成员需要业务或科学相关领域进修高级学位,我们全额资助进修费用,以使他们做好准备,应对未来 NETSCOUT 产品经理、主要工程师以及工程研究员面临的挑战。

Advanced Engineering Program participants contribute immediately to NETSCOUT'S award-winning products through rotating work assignments geared toward their areas of interest while being mentored and held to high expectations of performance.

Assignments will last six to nine months and be located primarily at NETSCOUT'S Everett, Rockville, or Colorado Springs engineering centers. 整个计划期间,参加者会经历四个或五个不同的项目,获取具体的技术知识,并与相关知识领域的专家共事。AEP 的正式员工和实习生都能获得产品开发各个领域的实践经验。

Advanced Engineering Program participants will take part in a multi-week immersion training event, where they will learn about NETSCOUT'S technologies, products, functions, and businesses from the company's management and engineering leaders.

In addition, there will be specialized domain training projects throughout the year where the participants work as a team to solve a problem or complete a design relating to one of NETSCOUT'S core technologies such as WiFi RF analysis, network topology, fiber optic physics, and network protocols. 主导工程师会在课程中介绍、指导和评估项目。


高级工程计划参加者还将会在 NETSCOUT 全资赞助的当地最高学府攻读高级学位。

亲眼看看 NETSCOUT 如何将想法和客户回馈转换成使客户惊讶并欢欣的富于想象力的解决方案。了解我们的新产品开发过程并参加我们的持续改进的努力。

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