Digital and IT Transformation


A report summary produced by Enterprise Management Associates The industry buzz is that IT is facing increasing challenges from the business it serves as business leaders seek to digitally transform their way of working; IT leadership is also seeking to transform IT from within to become more business aligned. 但是这个情景的真实程度有多高呢?Learn where, how, and why IT and digital transformational initiatives are emerging worldwide. This unique research encompasses feedback from hundreds of IT leaders and business executives across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific—all of whom were involved in transformational efforts of some kind. The results help to clarify:

  • How digital and IT transformation are different, and how they are aligned
  • What technologies are most prevalent for both digital and IT transformation
  • What metrics are most sought after by different stakeholder groups
  • What best practices, processes, and partners are prioritized in digital and IT transformational initiatives
  • What are the chief obstacles and reasons behind transformational failure
  • What winning combination of technologies, leadership, process commitments, best practices, and other factors lead to transformational success




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