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  1. User expectations of rapid response times, and
  2. the need to reduce operational costs.


Why VoIP makes capacity management increasingly important

Adding bandwidth hungry applications such as VoIP and video to a network will degrade performance across the most congested links. Network managers cannot simply throw bandwidth at the problem, but have to use performance management solutions to show that genuine business usage is creating congestion for a significant amount of time before they can increase capacity.

Approaches such as measuring average or peak utilisation and traffic totals provide limited insight. A more effective approach to capacity management is to take a burst-style view to show which links are most congested, for how long and which applications and users are causing the problem. The network manager can then use performance management to investigate the source of the problem and whether additional bandwidth is needed, as well as identifying any links where capacity could be reduced. They may be able to improve the end user experience significantly by using existing bandwidth more effectively.

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