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The network engineer’s all-in-one analyzer for full portable WLAN lifecycle management and troubleshooting network infrastructures.

Key Use Cases

  • 网络分析

    诊断应用性能慢属于网络分析的一部分。Mike Pennacchi of Network Protocol Specialists LLC shares how and why he uses the OptiView® XG for network analysis using the guided application infrastructure test to get a complete picture of the server path and the health of the server itself. 他分享了为了确定响应时间问题包括了哪些测试以及这些测试的结果。
  • 网络性能测试

    网速太慢了!网络性能测试对于确定出现问题或未出现问题的位置而言非常重要。In this chapter of Why I use the OptiView® XG, Mike shares how he conducts network performance testing.
  • 网络安全验证

    网络安全是所有组织都优先考虑的事情,扫描网络、执行设备发现、执行活动测试以及监测流量都需要一种重要的工具。Mike discusses the powerful capabilities of the OptiView XG that support network security validation.
  • 路径分析

    您执行路径分析的速度有多快?A powerful feature in the OptiView® XG accurately performs this critical network analysis function and Mike shares how he completes this vital step in the network analysis process.
  • 远程访问和多用户访问

    OptiView XG 的两个独特功能是远程访问和多用户功能。网络协议专家 Mike Pennacchi 将此功能与多个典型的远程桌面访问进行比较,分享了此功能的优点。
  • 无线网络问题

    确定和纠正网络问题并不是一个非此即彼的练习。网络协议专家 Mike Pennacchi 回顾了关键的无线性能问题以及如何诊断接入点两侧的问题。

OptiView XG Features

  • Network Discovery & Analysis

    Network Discovery & Analysis

    - Automated and advanced network discovery
    - Network mapping and path analysis
    - Guided troubleshooting of your network infrastructure

  • 流量和数据包分析


    Line-rate network packet capture and analysis (1G / 10G) with zero loss. OptiView XG is the ONLY tablet with 10 Gbps "on the wire" analysis. OptiView XG can go in-line between the network and clients, access points, servers, or anywhere in the actual path to get packet-level visibility.

  • 无线分析


    OptiView XG is optimized to find the root cause of issues in both wired and wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac environments.

  • 网络性能测试


    - Conduct network assessmentsy
    - Validate new infrastructure and devices
    - Test service provider SLAs and QoS
    - Troubleshoot problems from end to end, at up to a full line-rate of 10 Gbps

  • nGeniusOne Wireless Companion

    nGeniusOne Wireless Companion

    集成到 nGeniusONE 中,以实现高效工作流

    nGeniusONE 搭配 OptiView XG 使用可提供服务保证以及从数据中心到 WAN、云和远程站点接入层(有线或无线)的可视性。


    本地技师可以借助 OptiView XG 进行 Wi-Fi 和有线网络基础设施故障排除,使他们可以方便地访问任何位置,查看需要检查的位置,从而在桌面上解决问题。借助自动发现、本地网络的映射以及用于隔离基础设施相关问题之根本原因的多种功能,OptiView XG 可帮助在组织内分配问题处理,从而提高所有人的工作效率。

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Intuitive User Interface


    为合适的用户群呈现有关数据。OptiView XG 网络分析工具具有广泛可定制的仪表板,有助于将所收集的数据转变为可操作的展示信息。该仪表板可按照个别用户或整个公司的要求定制。创建仪表板,可按场所甚至按业务功能密切关注网络和应用程序。


    Automated health checks proactively show the availability and responsiveness of critical network services and the interfaces with the highest utilization and errors across the network.

    Network Infrastructure Issue Reporting Engine

    OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet offers a number of built-in reports, making it quick and easy to report on network problems. 这些报告可帮助您跟踪性能和利用统计信息。在查看屏幕时,按“Report(报告)”键将生成有关 Protocols(协议)、Top Hosts(最活跃主机)、Top Conversations(最活跃对话)、Devices(设备)、Networks(网络)、Problems(问题)等的 HTML 或 PDF 格式报告。


  • 正面

    • Three fully integrated radios (2 WLAN, 1 spectrum) and analysis software speeds planning, troubleshooting and securing WLANs.

    • OptiView XG automatically tests the L2 and L3 path to a specified endpoint for proof of network path health or problem domain isolation.

    • Custom hardware for line-rate network packet capture, analysis and performance testing (1G / 10G) with zero loss – outperforms off-the-shelf computing platforms.

    • Instant visibility of the availability and response time of critical network services.

    • See interface health across your entire infrastructure – busiest, most errors, problems. Be more proactive in optimizing network performance.

    • Highly portable tablet form factor provides an analysis point anywhere it is needed, wired or wireless.

  • 侧面

  • 顶部

  • 后退


Saudi German Hospital-Dubai

Detailed network and application monitoring may seem like a luxury, but luxury quickly becomes necessity in a hospital environment where life-and-death decisions are made around the clock. The OptiView XG delivers. I cannot imagine my job without the OptiView XG. Now that we have its proactive monitoring and reporting, we cannot survive without it.

Borsa Istanbul

The OptiView XG is a niche product that addresses a particular need. It’s proved to be extremely reliable and we know we can depend on it to identify the root cause of network performance problems.

Lowndes County

A major benefit of the OptiView XG is that it allows me to better utilize my staff. 现在,我可以自信地利用经验和专业知识较少的技师来处理通常需要更高级别技师来诊断(更不用说解决)的问题。In effect, the OptiView XG pushes the years of experience of a senior technician to the edge and makes my entire team more productive.

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